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b_300_200_16777215_00_images_stories_images_generales_grele330trans.pngHail, a highly localised phenomenon, and one that is still poorly understood by meteorologists, causes millions of euros of damage in Europe every year. Ubyrisk Consultants is able to provide you tools dedicated to hail falls. Indeed, with our "Hail Warning" bulletin, we are now able to continuously monitor and characterize hail falls across Europe.



During the most significant hail events, crops, cars and roofs account for the majority of losses. Faced with these challenges, information relating to the precise location of hail-affected areas is an important strategy, both in terms of implementing preventive measures and coordinating repair works.

Ubyrisk Consultants is able to provide you with this kind of information. Indeed, our "Hail Warning" service provides you a continuous monitoring of hail falls across Europe in the form of alert and characterization reports sent by email and an online platform dedicated to forecasting and monitoring hail falls.



"Hail Warning" consists of alert and characterization reports of hailstorms providing the diameter of the hailstones observed by locality. These reports are sent by email and keep you informed of hail events that have occurred in Europe over the last 24 hours. For example, in 2020, no less than 247 bulletins were issued and 28 000 hail events (with a diameter >  1 cm) were recorded in Europe.

The countries covered are: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Baltic States, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey.

Here is the detailed content of these bulletins:

  • Table containing:
    • Name of the affected towns
    • Population of the town 
    • Diameter (max. and  min.) of the hailstones in centimeters
  • Map of forecasted violent storms in Europe over the next 24 hours
  • Animated map forecasting the probability of hail falls over the coming 72 hours in Europe

Important note: as the analysis and processing procedure is very complex, Europe has to be dealt with as a whole, and therefore it is not possible to select individual countries for our Hail Warning Europe option. This is therefore a flat-rate service and includes all the countries covered (however, these countries are distinguished in the characterisation listing).



The Hail Warning online platform is a service dedicated to the current and historical data, forecasting of hail falls and other violent convective phenomena (storms, tornadoes, storm supercells) and to the real-time observation of hail falls across Europe. It 

Hail Warning online platform provide:

  • Hail falls characterization database* : access to the current year hail falls by town (updated every days) and historical (since 2000) databases with download and query functionalities.


  • Forecasts : access to precise forecasts for up to 72 hours in one-hour increments in the form of an interactive map that can be viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The forecasts include all violent convective phenomena (hail falls, storms, tornadoes and storm supercells) and are issued in the form of percentage probability of occurrence for the phenomenon in question. They are updated every 6 hours. It is possible to zoom in on the map for greater accuracy.

  • Observations : access to a near real-time observation tool (based on the use of a certain frequency bands of high-resolution Doppler radar images and using a specially developed algorithm) that caracterise the type of precipitation observed (rain, sustained rain, heavy rain, light hail, heavy hale, severe hail). Images are refreshed every 5 minutes. It is possible to zoom in on the map for a very accurate view of a specific locality.


  • Map  : interactive map that localize hail falls > 1 cm occured since 2000, with query functionalities.

  • Statistics : real-time statistics about hail falls recorded in Europe since 2000 (figures per year, months, countries) 


 * This database can be purchased in its entirety or be the subject of custom extraction. Contact us to get a pricing.

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You can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis and our subscriptions are valid for a maximum of 3 recipients, above which a surcharge is applied.


Hail falls characterisation report by email
Full service : Hail Warning Mail + access to our online platform
Report by mail that contains : last 24 h recorded hail fall per town (with max and min diameter) and animated maps showing the storm probability and hail risk for the next 72 h

Hail-Warning on line

+ Full Access to the hail falls per town database for current year (updated every 24 h) with download and query feature

Observation / forecast : interactive current map of precipitation type (rain, hail...) updated every 5 minutes, interactive storm / hail map probability for the next 72 h (updated every 6 hours), hail risk map for the next 48 h

+ Interactive map of historical hail falls per town (since 2000) with query feature

+ Access to the historical hail falls per town database (since 2000) with download and query feature

+ Statistics about hail falls in Europe since 2000