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Incendies de forêt - Monde

incendie 48x48Articles consacrés aux événements incendies de forêt ayant eu des conséquences matérielles et / humaines recensés dans le monde (hors France et DOM) depuis le 1er janvier 2001.

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A wildfire in central Florida spread over 1,000 acres (400 hectares) on Thursday, threatening 900 homes and blanketing the area with smoke and ash. It was not known how many residents fled the area after a voluntary evacuation notice was issued. The fire was sparked on Tuesday when a tractor trailer crashed into a power ...

rews from Alabama joined Florida firefighters Monday (May 14), battling a 600-acre wildfire that came within 200 feet of a group of homes southwest of Pensacola. The fire, which started Sunday, was 50 percent contained Monday and no longer threatened any structures...

Record-breaking heat parched numerous cities in the northeastern United States on Thursday, prompting residents to set up air conditioning early as temperatures climbed. The heat fueled a number of wildfires, including a 200-acre blaze (80 hectares) that roared through Douglas State Forest...

More than 140 small wildfires burned throughout Minnesota over the weekend damaging homes, destroying a farm, and killing dairy cows. Most of the fires were small, but one near Red Lake scorched 12,810 acres. One of the weekend fires in Minnesota destroyed several garages and outbuildings and seriously damaged ...

A wildfire that began as a controlled burn in a Carlton County, Fla., reserve on Tuesday forced 40 residents to evacuate a suburb of Sarasota on Thursday. The fire has scorched 4,500 acres and burned one home...

Fires sparked by ongoing high temperatures and fanned by high winds raged across two Greek islands Monday for the second straight day. Greece has been hit by record high temperatures this month, which is the warmest March in a century. The average temperature for the month is 61 degrees Fahrenheit...

At least 100 people in Florida's Martin County were forced to evacuate their homes on Saturday as a brush fire raged through an area of drought-parched grass and trees. At the same time, an 800-acre brush fire (325 hectares) threatened homes and businesses in southwest Miami-Dade County...

Two swamp wildfires continued to burn in rain-starved Florida during the past weekend as emergency crews worked to build a 3,000-foot-long pipeline (1,000 meters) to carry a steady stream of water to the charred area. The fires have been fueled by a thick layer of decaying plant material in the swamp that ...

Firefighters in Australia's Queensland district of Marlborough battled blazes sparked in the parched region by a train derailment. A second grass fire was ignited by workers repairing the tracks damaged by the derailment. An ongoing drought has left the region short of water, and farmers have been forced to sink new wells ...

A forest fire raged out of control in a reserve in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia on Thursday, destroying at least 13 square miles (30 square km) of the ecologically sensitive region. Officials from the country's federal environment agency reported that they suspected the blaze was ...

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