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Tornades et trombes - Monde

tornade 48x48Articles consacrés aux événements tornades et trombes ayant eu des conséquences matérielles et / humaines recensés dans le monde (hors France et DOM) depuis le 1er janvier 2001.

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A severe storm blew the windows out of a supper club, smashed car windowns and ripped shingles off homes in this small community in the northeast of the state Thursday night. There were no reported injuries.Brenda Riemer

A tornado touched down for seven minutes, toppling trees, stripping homes of gutters and roofing and causing an estimated $1 million in damage...

Residents and authorities were cleaning up Saturday from a series of tornadoes that swept through the Midwest Friday evening, flattening homes, downing trees and forcing the evacuation of several neighborhoods...

A clash of air masses across the southern United Kingdom Saturday spurred at least two tornadoes. In the first incident a twister was spotted wandering up the Thames river near the Millennium Dome. Witnesses reportedly ...

A tornado that formed over the ocean as a waterspout moved ashore and marched through the business district of this busy beach resort Friday. The twister destroyed several mobile homes and overturned about two dozen ...

At least 35 people were hurt when a tornado ripped through northern Italy on, uprooting trees and tearing roofs off houses, local emergency services said. Police said no one was seriously injured but some people had been admitted...

People in western Tennessee reported more than one tornado during Wednesday's storms. One twister tore up crops near Finley, according to storm reports submitted to the National Weather Service. No other damage was reported...

Tornadoes grounded flights and damaged ground surveillance radar Wednesday night at the Denver International Airport . The storm then swept south, shattering windows, overturning a truck and cutting off electricity in Watkins,...

Two Iowa counties were declared state disaster areas Friday after a tornado and severe thunderstorms damaged homes and businesses and left communities littered with debris. No serious injuries were reported...

A fast moving tornado plowed through the town of Benson , Minnesota last evening injuring eight persons, one critically. Twenty homes and businesses were damaged by the twister. The National Guard was deployed by ...

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