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monde120Cette rubrique rassemble toutes les catastrophes naturelles (i.e les événements naturelles ayant causés des dommages matériels et / ou ayant eu des conséquences humaines) recensées dans le monde depuis le 1er janvier 2001. 

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Tropical cyclone 01A formed off India's west coast Tuesday and tracked north-northeastward at 6 mph (9 km/h), paralleling the country's coastline. Satellite imagery indicated that the cyclone was rapidly intensifying. Bangalore meteorological official A.L. Koppar said, "It is likely to intensify further ...

It has emerged that the island of Tristan da Cunha - the most remote inhabited place in the world - has been devastated by a severe storm. It hit the South Atlantic island, which is one of the United Kingdom 's overseas territories, 10 days ago. No one was hurt, but the British Foreign Office has confirmed ...

Thunderstorms in West Virginia on Monday night spawned a tornado that touched down in Wood County, destroying a mobile home and flooding numerous other houses. Officials from the National Weather Service ...

At least six people were killed by lightning and a tornado that struck India's eastern region of West Bengal last weekend. The storm damaged hundreds of homes in the area of Parganas near Calcutta. H.K. Dwivedi, district magistrate...

Mount Etna's activity level is increasing. Over the past week, the volcano's Southeast crater spat fountains of molten lava and pyroclastic flows of hot bombs, cinders, and ash. Clouds of ash rose from the Bocca Nuova crater. The explosions ...

California's first large wildfire of the 2001 season scorched 1,500 acres in Klamath National Forest in the northern part of the state over the weekend. The flames were whipped by hot, gusting winds as temperatures remained in the 90s...

A wildfire in central Florida spread over 1,000 acres (400 hectares) on Thursday, threatening 900 homes and blanketing the area with smoke and ash. It was not known how many residents fled the area after a voluntary evacuation notice was issued. The fire was sparked on Tuesday when a tractor trailer crashed into a power ...

A bolt of lightning knocked out power to Topeka, Kan.'s water-distribution facilities Sunday night, leaving the entire city without running water. Topeka's population of 122,000 remained without water until Monday morning. Although running ...

Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms with winds up to 70 mph blew across Michigan overturning vehicles, damaging homes and uprooting trees. At least a dozen tornadoes were reported, and the National Weather Service confirmed...

Up to 20,000 people lost power Sunday as a fast-moving storm packing high winds, rain and snow blew through Colorado. Xcel Energy said there were a half-dozen outages and that crews hoped to restore power in a few hours. Some ...

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