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The NATDIS database is the most complete public database about natural disasters in the world. Our database describes precisely more than 20 170 natural disasters occurred in the world since January 1, 2001 and is updated every year.

Opposite to others databases which only reference event that made more than 10 victims or reach a certain economic cost, NATDIS database records every damaging natural events as soon as they have significant human consequences and / or material consequences. 

You can compare our NAT DIS database to the main other one here.

Futhermore, our all our events are fully georeferenced allowing their integration in GIS (Geographical Information System). Our database is provided at MS Excel format

Fields filled in the database are:

- Country

- FIPS code (allows mapping in Geographic Information System)

- Latitude

- Longitude

- Continent

- Sub-continent

- Risk origin code

- Risk code

- Sub-risk code

- Risk origin 

- Risk

- Sub-risk

- Year

- Month

- Start date

- End date

- Victims

- Injured

- Homeless

- Affected

- Human consequences Index

- Material consequences index

- Global risk Index (more info)

- Original cost ($)

- Actualised cost ($)

- Event description (if desired because written in french)

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